Change of plan

Oops! Head this way.

Scratching at the edges

Scratching at the edges, trying to rip the habit open and begin has been proving difficult.

I’ve support and ideas to offer back as thanks, I have an urge to do something, but the thread of action is so brittle that it takes just the lightest touch of distraction to shatter it to a million pieces.

An issue into which I place a lot of the blame (I see that it’s misguided and see that seeing it as misguided is just as bad) is I haven’t a place to call home. I’m eager to reduce the texture as much as possible so that I just kind of slip down a slope, falling back into writing again without much effort, hoping that with each morning that I fall from sleep I will find no effort in just … making a start.

This is why I decided to start with tumblr. I wish to eventually have a small section on Retinart that will be a mini-blog of sorts, dishing out the kind of content most use Tumblr for, so it seems fitting to just … start here.

So, for now, as I tease the water with my big toe, I’ll follow the lead of a few sites I’ve been enjoying of late, namely Rian van der Merwe’s wonderful Elezea, the eponymous and a few others.

This site is decidedly selfish. I do not wish for any visitors, I do not wish for any notice to be taken of what I do here. This is a dress rehearsal. The content that follows won’t be what I do with Retinart, but what will sit at the edges of the longer form content I enjoy reading and writing. 

Perhaps it’s best, or just easiest, to think of this as a scrapbook – a place to put ideas, old and new. I will be looking in these corners for inspiration and drive. I will be looking at content, often years old, and offering commentary in the hope of finding and igniting a lust for original content. 

Right. Here we go.